• Tracey R.

    Altrad Babcock

    “If you want something done right, efficiently and on time, Planet Promo are the people to go to. David and his team have working with us for many years and we just know we can rely on them!”
  • Carris K.

    Spire Hospitals

    Simply fantastic service. Great communication, timely service, providing plenty of options following an initial enquiry for branded merchandise. We would highly recommend and will actively be using Planet Promo for our future projects.
  • Kirsty B.


    “What we love about Planet Promo is that they make us think. Instead of just same old, same old, they bring us ideas for improving our offering, building quality and increasing sustainability. They take time to understand what we are trying to achieve and then help us find solutions.”
  • Terry V.


    “Planet Promo have been our supplier for many years because we need someone reliable. Whatever we throw at them, they deliver, from great ideas to seemingly unfeasible deadlines. We also like that they care about sustainability as much as we do and would happily recommend them to anyone.”
  • Nick N.


    “I have worked with Planet Promo for many years, first at Amey and now at Diguru. I have tried different suppliers over the years but I keep coming back to Planet Promo as they give me the quality, responsiveness and reliability I am looking for.”